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Local SEO and Google MAPS ranking

There are a lot of factors that go into first page placement but honestly most businesses don't even cover the basics. Before you engage in an all out campaign to rank on the first page, we recommend you go through this simple exercise to at least get the ground work covered. If you've never done any optimization like this before, this alone may give you a needed boost in the search engines.


  1. Create a generic Google account for your business. We recommend setting up something like yourbusiness.web@gmail.com . This is done straight from the Google home page (at the "sign in" button on the top right.
  2. Once you've created your account (don't lose the name and password!), navigate to www.google.com/business and click "sign in" on the top right.
  3. You should see a Plus sign on the bottom right. When you click it you'll see another icon that you click to add a location.
  4. Clicking "add a location" will take you to a map page where you can enter the details of your business in the top left search that says "search by business name and address"
  5. Enter you business name and zip code
  6. If Google finds your business it will be displayed and you can select it. If the business has already been claimed and verified, you need to find out who did that because they'll need to give you access.
  7. If the business is not found or not claimed then you can select it to claim it or create it and then claim it. You'll basically go through a form to enter your business information and enter as much about your business as the system will allow.
  8. When you're ready to verify your business, note the dialog at the top of the page; click it and tell Google to go ahead and send you a post card. In about a week, you'll receive a post card with a PIN code on it. You'll need to enter that PIN code to activate your business on Google and claim the listing.


The information in directories like BBB, Yellow Pages, Chamber of Commerce and 100's of other directories is use to corroborate your listing on Google. The more consistently accurate these listings are with each other and with Google, the better your business will stand out in Google and other directories. You can do this by hand but given the number of directories out there, this becomes a very tedious task. Fill out the request form to the right and we'll do a thorough audit for your business and send it to you via email. Please allow 1-2 business days to complete the audit.


If you have the ability to edit and make changes to your own website, we recommend correcting this common flaw first. Each product and service you offer should have it's own page and not be grouped with all of your other products and services. For the convenience of your visitors, you may well to show all products and services on one page and that's perfectly OK. However, we recommend that you create a separate page for each of your products and services and discuss the subject matter a little deeper. If you have an overview page of your products and services, link from that page to these individual pages. The whole point is that Google can't tell what you do if you have 4-5 different services mentioned on a single page. Your visitors will appreciate more in-depth information too!

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