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VVC founder, Kandy Hammond offers medical professionals and practitioners new and innovative ways to increase patient volume, velocity and productivity through her integrated clinical and business consultation. Her over 30 years of clinical and practice management experience enables her to provide superior clinical training and exceptional guidance within the clinical environment.

Considered one of the foremost consultants in the U.S.A., her management style is defined by an attention to detail supported by solution driven results that have evolved throughout her 24-year career at Midwest Vein and Laser. As a result of her wide-ranging nursing experience and Masters in Business, she has a thorough understanding of patient care and the management skills necessary for creating successful medical practices.

As a national and international consultant and educator she has also provided clinical applications training for several laser companies including Dornier Med Tech; training physicians and nurses in laser therapy and pulsed light therapy

She has co-authored several articles specifically about innovative techniques and procedures concerning venous conditions in such publications as Journal of American College of Surgeons, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Annals of Vascular Surgery, Phlebology, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine and The Journal of Radiologic Nursing.

To date, she has presented at many seminars where she has trained countless medical professionals. She has been an invited speaker at InVein Techniques and has recurring faculty status at the IVC, the International Vein Congress in Miami since its inception in 2001. Kandy Hammond is on the faculty of the Hands on Vein course held in the Dominican Republic where physicians, nurses, PA’s and ultrasound technicians get hands on experience treating superficial venous disease. This exceptional course has trained 100’s of medical professionals on the various treatment modalities available today for varicose and spider veins.




Children’s Hospital: Staff Nurse/ NICU, 1986-1987
Grant Medical Center: Staff Nurse/SICU, 1987-1990
Lima Memorial Hospital: Staff Nurse/ICU, 1990-1995
Midwest Vein and Laser: Director of Clinical Operations/ Practice Manager, 1995-present
Varicose Vein Consulting: President, 2006-present

  1. Practice Manager and Clinical Director of the Midwest Vein and Laser in Dayton, Ohio
  2. Seminar co-presenter on In Office Venous Surgery training surgeons techniques used in our offices
  3. National consultant and educator for Dornier Med Tech training physicians and nurses on laser therapy
  4. National consultant and educator for ESC/Sharplan training physicians and nurses on laser and pulsed light therapy
  5. Invited Faculty for INVein Techniques
  6. Invited faculty American College of Phlebology
  7. Recurring faculty status  of C3
  8. Recurring faculty status IVC International Vein Congress
  9. Faculty Hands On Veins Dominican Republic
  10. National and International Business/Clinical consultant



  • American Venous Forum
  • American College of Phlebology



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  • “Sclerotherapy of Spider Telangiectasia – Nursing Considerations” Journal of Radiologic Nursing. June 2012


Clinical Training

Providing outstanding outcomes is just one of the essential aspects of a successful vein practice. With 25 years of experience treating venous disease, Kandy Hammond offers clinical training to make you and your staff the experts you strive to be. Whether you are learning new procedures or looking to improve your current skills, Kandy provides a systematic approach that enables those learning to quickly become proficient.

Ask Kandy how she can assist in endoluminal ablation, phlebectomy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and cosmetic sclerotherapy. Her approach includes visiting your office you so you can treat your patients under her guidance. Included in the training are all essential forms, protocols and a variety of other information necessary for success. Kandy is also available after training as a resource.

As an industry leader, she has many contacts with key vendors that provide equipment, supplies and support to vein practices allowing Kandy to guide your practice towards the best purchases for your specific needs.


Business Assessment

Obtaining an MBA with a Healthcare Management focus has enabled Kandy to review current business practices and identify inefficiencies within a practice.  Evaluating each area including billing, marketing, utilization of staff, and station management allows for Kandy to provide detailed action plans to improve the practices patient volume, productivity and profitability.