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Kandy Hammond has been working closely with a true pioneer in the field of Office-base Venous Surgery for the past 15 years. She is a nurse with one of the largest experiences in the country with all forms of light based therapy for the treatment of venous disease and other cosmetic conditions. She is an expert sclerotherapist, and has scrubbed on thousands of surgeries involving the saphenous vein (stripping, EVLT) and phlebectomy. She understands venous ultrasound. She speaks superbly at national meetings. Kandy has a Masters degree and has intricate knowledge of the business side of a venous practice. She played a critical role in 2 large projects, akin to venous franchises. Each project successfully set up about 30 physician practices- from scratch.
I have known Kandy for 10 years and she was instrumental in getting my vein practice off the ground. She is highly intelligent with a very pleasant demeanor and has my highest recommendation to operate as a consultant in the world of Office-based Venous Surgery.”

Jose I. Almeida, MD, FACS, RVT
Director, Miami Vein Center
Course-director, International Vein Congress (IVC)

Kandy Hammond has been very instrumental in the success of our Vein and Laser practice. She is extremely knowledgeable, very personable and went out of her way to educate not only me but my staff. I have contacted Kandy on several occasions and value her expertise and wisdom.

W. Craig Thatcher, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Vein and Laser Center of Elgin Cardiac Surgery

I have known Kandy Hammond for over six years. She was instrumental in helping me to start my own successful vein practice, providing personal and phone communication when we had clinical questions or mundane questions about compression hose. Kandy possesses an incredible depth of knowledge about the clinical and business aspects of a vein practice. She is recognized internationally for her expertise in treatment of cosmetic vein issues. She understands efficiencies of providing service, marketing essentials and proper billing. Recently, Kandy has contracted with vendors for physician group discounts. I consider Kandy to have a unique level of ability and experience. When this experience is combined with her attainment of an MBA, Kandy is truly unequaled in her knowledge of establishing and maintaining a successful vein practice.

Deborah Manjoney MD FACS
Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa

Kandy Hammond quite simply is the best known nurse in America. Not only are her clinical skills extraordinary but she is the expert in the use of light therapy for spider veins. We have worked together entirely in the specialty of venous disease for 15 years. Not only has she co-authored numerous papers but has successfully guided many practices from inception due to her managerial ability and her experience as evidenced by her Master Degree in Health Care Management.

Ronald G. Bush MD FACS
Midwest Vein and Laser Center / Vein Affiliates Dayton, OH

I have known Kandy for the last seven years. Our group not only learned how to set up a vein center but she continued to support the vein center at Arizona Heart Institute with advice. I have been associated with her as faculty at many national meetings and I find Kandy an excellent teacher and communicator. I wish her all the best in this new endeavor.

Rajagopalan Ravi, MD, FACS
Medical Director
Arizona Heart Institute Vein Center

I have had Ms. Hammond come to my office on at least four occasions to train my staff and myself in performing Endovenous procedures as well as sclerotherapy. I called on her expertise for my administrator, medical assistant and now three of my nurses for my clinic. She always responds to calls for help and advice, even when the clock is not ticking. I advise anyone who wants a well trained staff to contact Kandy and schedule her visit or training sessions.

Philip R. Seaver, Jr., M.D.
Laser and Vein Center of North Jersey, Florham Park, NJ