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Clinical Training


Providing outstanding outcomes is just one of the essential aspects of a successful vein practice. With 25 years of experience treating venous disease, Kandy Hammond offers clinical training to make you and your staff the experts you strive to be. Whether you are learning new procedures or looking to improve your current skills, Kandy provides a systematic approach that enables those learning to quickly become proficient. Ask Kandy how she can assist in endoluminal ablation, phlebectomy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and cosmetic sclerotherapy. Her approach includes visiting your office you so you can treat your patients under her guidance. Included in the training are all essential forms, protocols and a variety of other information necessary for success. Kandy is also available after training as a resource. As an industry leader, she has many contacts with key vendors that provide equipment, supplies and support to vein practices allowing Kandy to guide your practice towards the best purchases for your specific needs.

Business Assessment

Obtaining an MBA with a Healthcare Management focus has enabled Kandy to review current business practices and identify inefficiencies within a practice. Evaluating each area including billing, marketing, utilization of staff, and station management allows for Kandy to provide detailed action plans to improve the practices patient volume, productivity and profitability.