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Jan M. Sloves, RVT RCS FASE

President of Vascular Imaging Professionals (VIP) LLC

Vascular Imaging Expert and Educator

Jan has honed his imaging skills as a vascular imaging expert through academic and office-based practices spanning more than 20 years. He currently uses this expertise to spearhead the vascular imaging divisions of several major academic programs in New York City.

Jan’s true professional passions are his clinical work and teaching. His vast knowledge, clinical experience, and many years of teaching physicians as well as, sonographers the art of head-to-toe vascular imaging has earned him a reputation both nationally and regionally as a talented and gifted educator.

Skills Include:

  • Vascular ultrasound imaging
  • Venous ablations
  • Arterial ultrasound-guided interventions
  • New business development

Jan’s reputation among his peers has also earned him recurring faculty status for several large international venous events, including the International Vein Congress, Veith Symposium, and C3: Advanced Endovascular and Coronary Intervention Global Summit.

Industry Consultant

Recognized as a true leader and innovator, Jan is a professional advisor to Philips Health Care ultrasound division sharing his knowledge and serving as a primary investigator within the research and development team to optimize the performance of ultrasound systems and transducers.

Vascular Imaging Professionals LLC

As a pioneer in the field of vascular imaging, Jan’s mission is for vascular imaging professionals to become technically proficient and skilled masters in ultrasound technology. He believes strongly that it is only through finetuning of skills that we can best serve our patients and ensure the best possible outcomes for their vascular health.

To accomplish his mission, Jan founded Vascular Imaging Professionals LLC, to train vascular specialists to become ELITE performers of noninvasive vascular testing and interpreters of scans.

Using proven methods developed throughout his academic career, his goal is to:

  • Identity practitioners’ current skills and areas for focused improvement
  • Create individual, unique hands-on training experiences through customized curriculums
  • Instruct practitioners through a highly interactive format that leads to high-quality performance during patient exams, and yielding optimal results.

Jan’s diverse group of clients, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, and vascular technologists, all have attested to his unique and motivating training style.

The training is focused on:

  • Utilizing proper ergonomics during patient exams to prevent repetitive-motion injury
  • Developing skills to properly set imaging parameters to produce high-quality images
  • Expanding advanced diagnostic skills needed to identify possible root causes for symptoms and disease states
  • Enhancing accuracy by pinpointing appropriate sites for transducer application